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How much should I earn — or pay?

If you need to add staff or find a new job, then you need the 2021 Robert Half Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance Professionals. With detailed starting salary ranges for more than 190 accounting and finance jobs and insight into emerging hiring trends, the guide provides critical data to help you hire top talent or secure the right job.

What's the job worth?

The guide breaks down pay ranges into percentiles, giving you more detail about every accounting and finance position, from entry-level to C-suite.

What does it take to land top talent?

We’ve surveyed HR managers and workers about trends in benefits and perks. Is your package on par with the competition?

What’s impacting hiring and compensation?

Find out what skills are in short supply, how businesses are tapping temporary workers and consultants, and how adapting to new hiring trends can help you land — and keep — top talent.

Hiring or searching for jobs in other fields?

Download our other Salary Guides for more starting salary ranges and insight into recruitment trends.

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Hot finance and accounting roles

While some businesses stopped hiring due to the economic downturn, certain industries have an increased need for accounting and finance staff, especially for roles that keep cash accounts strong — billing, accounts receivable and collections. In-demand positions include:

  • Accounting manager
  • Accounts receivable/accounts payable
  • Controller
  • Financial analyst
  • Internal auditor
  • Loan administrator
  • Payroll manager
  • Staff and senior accountant

Check the Salary Calculator to see what the going rates for these roles are in your city.

Skills most in demand

Accounting and finance professionals with specialized technical skills and sought-after soft skills can sometimes negotiate higher salaries than others in today’s hiring market. Skills that employers currently seek most include:

Technology Skills

  • Cloud-based payroll and HRIS systems
  • Data analytics, protection and privacy
  • Financial modeling and forecasting
  • Electronic health records
  • ERP systems

Soft Skills

  • Ability to work independently and in virtual teams
  • Commitment to continuous learning
  • Customer service
  • Problem solving
  • Writing and verbal skills

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